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Would You Rather Jump out of a Plane or be Audited by IRS? [VIDEO]

Skydiving vs IRS Audit - which would you rather do

Would you rather jump out of an airplane or go through an IRS audit? It’s a question that might bring a smile or a grimace, depending on who you ask. John Milikowsky provides an amusing yet insightful take on this question, drawing from his own experiences with both.

Video Highlights

  1. Skydiving Adventures: John shares his personal skydiving experiences, including a heart-stopping moment when he had to wing the timing for pulling the parachute.
  2. Audit Anecdotes: Audits may not have the same excitement, but they come with their own challenges, like the endless need for documentation and substantiation of tax returns.
  3. Record-Keeping Insights: The key takeaway? Whether in the sky or dealing with the IRS, preparation and good record-keeping are your parachutes to safety.

Thrills vs. Chills:

Jumping from 13,000 feet with only a half-hour of training is a thrill unlike any other. In contrast, an IRS audit might not bring the same level of excitement, but it certainly brings a flurry of activity—none of which involves free falling through the clouds.

Navigating IRS Audits:

An IRS audit might not be mean-spirited, but it can be invasive and demanding. John’s recount of the audit process highlights the exhaustive nature of providing evidence to substantiate every line item on your tax return.

The Takeaway:

While skydiving can become a delightful hobby over time, IRS audits remain a necessary part of life for US taxpayers. The moral of the story? Keep excellent records, maintain honesty in your reporting, and maybe—just maybe—the experience can be as smooth as a well-executed skydive.

John Milikowsky’s unique comparison serves as a reminder that facing challenges, whether it’s the leap of faith in skydiving or the diligence required in an IRS audit, can be managed with the right mindset and preparation. And while one may be more enjoyable than the other, both are experiences that can teach valuable lessons.