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Tax fraud investigations can stem from a variety of sources. Whether you are being investigated by the IRS, the state Franchise Tax Board, the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, or another source – we can help you. If your investigation is at the federal level, it may be years or months before charges are brought against you.

If you believe that you are the target of a tax fraud investigation, it is imperative that you seek immediate legal support. When you reach out to Milikowsky Tax Law, you will receive the sophisticated representation that you require in order to succeed. It is never too early to secure legal representation. Take immediate action today to protect your future. Call (858) 450-1040 to request your free consultation.

We Build Customized & Highly Effective Defense Strategies

Tax fraud cases are extremely complex to investigate and prosecute. Due to the serious nature of your case, it would be within your best interests to hire our San Diego tax fraud attorney. We are well-equipped to handle cases relating to tax crimes resulting from both legal and illegal activities.

If you are found guilty, you may be faced with the following consequences:

  • Hefty Fines
  • Imprisonment
  • A Criminal Record

Our tax law lawyers can protect your business assets, personal assets and privacy. We can offer you the precise legal advocacy and high quality legal services you need in order to resolve your tax fraud case. Put our former business owners and key executives in your corner. Our lead tax attorney was voted the 3rd Best Tax Attorney in San Diego by a Reader Poll. In addition, we have experience representing individuals, United States businesses, and foreign businesses. You can be confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

Indicators of Fraud Used by the IRS

There are several common indicators that the IRS will be looking for to determine if fraud occurred. If they suspect that you have committed fraud, they may be able to use this alleged evidence against you. Read through the top 5 indicators that the IRS utilizes to bring charges or fines against an offender below.

1. Income Discrepancies:

  • Not reporting a whole source of income or hiding bank accounts
  • Considerable spending beyond your reported income
  • Not filing a tax return for more than one year despite being gainfully employed
  • Cashing checks at a bank where you do not currently have an account

2. Issues with Expenses or Deductions:

  • Considerably overstating your deductions
  • Claiming large personal purchases as business expenses
  • Inventing deductions
  • Claiming inappropriate exemptions

3. Errors with Books and Records:

  • Keeping several sets of books
  • Failing to have any records
  • False entries, or emendations made on the books and records
  • Checks made out to third parties that are endorsed back to the taxpayer

4. Suspicious Conduct of a Taxpayer:

  • Trying to foil or disrupt an examination
  • Not disclosing all relevant facts to an accountant or attorney
  • Destruction of books and records, especially if examination recently started
  • Incompletely reporting your income over several years

5. Signs of Concealment:

  • Insolvency of transferor
  • Placing the ownership of assets in other people's names
  • Transfer of all or nearly all of a debtor's property
  • Secretive transactions

What do I stand to lose if I am found guilty?

The IRS takes any type of tax fraud very seriously and usually hands down stiff penalties for those accused of committing this crime. Attempting to evade paying your taxes can land you in prison for up to 5 years and cost you upwards of $250,000.

Similar penalties can be handed down for anyone intentionally not filing a return or providing false information to the IRS. For this reason you need to look to our San Diego tax fraud lawyers for advice and aggressive representation in court.

When Results Matter, Choose Our Top-Rated Tax Firm

Tax examiners are extensively trained to locate indications of fraudulent activities. These signs are known as “badges of fraud” and may include: excessive dealing in cash, failure to maintain adequate records, destroying records, hidden assets, false returns and more. If a tax examiner finds that you are guilty of improper activity, you may receive a civil penalty. Generally, the civil penalty is 75% of the taxes the IRS states that you owe.

Call (858) 450-1040 To Learn How To Defend Yourself Against Tax Fraud Charges. Our San Diego Tax Fraud Attorney Will Build A Customized Defense.


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