While no case can indicate or act as a guarantee of future success, we hope that highlighting the ways in which we have helped other business owners who are facing IRS Audit, EDD Audit, CTFB Audit, and SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness Denial Appeals will help you understand the relationships we build and excellent level of representation we offer all of our clients.


CPA: Case Study

CPAs make up the lion's share of our referral partnerships. Because we do not do our clients' taxes, we are a great partner for CPA firms whose clients are facing complex tax audit situations. Meet Bernie, a longtime partner, and excellent…
Morris - Payroll tax audit

Payroll Tax Audit Case Study

Meet Morris, a law-abiding business owner who was caught up in an IRS audit. Morris' case highlights the clear and methodical process that you get working with the professional tax attorneys at Milikowsky Tax Law. .embed-container…
EDD Audits: A Cautionary Tale

EDD Audits: A Cautionary Tale 

No one wants to find themselves under audit. Whether from IRS, EDD CFTB, or other government agencies, audits are stressful and time-consuming. When it comes to facing an audit, how you react at the start of the audit can make all the difference. …

DDSTUDIO is a company that redesigns technology to be more human-centric and user-friendly.  Located in Solana Beach, CA, DD Studio Product design firm has been in business since 1984. DDSTUDIO is recognized as a premier global product design firm.

Tracy and I were in the UK for my mother’s 90th birthday when we received an email from the SBA stating our PPP loan was denied forgiveness. We had less than a month to respond and appeal. We were halfway through a great, long-overdue vacation and would not be back for two more weeks. So somehow, we had to put this bad news to the back of our minds, and enjoy Europe /chill in Tuscany.

Back in San Diego with 10 days to the deadline, we scrambled to find professional help. Our CPA was not responding – and hadn’t given us the best information when we originally applied. It was a stroke of good fortune to find John as we desperately phoned around locally for support. John actually answered the phone! He listened carefully to our situation and understood the urgency. What a relief.

Not only was he present in this call, but also put a plan into action immediately – we had one week.

John did all the communication with SBA, having long-term relationships that would respond to him. John defined all the necessary documentation and crunched the numbers. John continually kept in touch (asked for more info when needed) and kept us informed. In less than two weeks John made it happen!  We received a letter from the SBA granting full forgiveness. 


Charles Curbbun, CEO & Tracy Manning, CSO