Meet The Team

Our team is the bedrock of our firm. We value working together to better serve the needs of our clients and create the kind of work environment that is empowering and supportive.

Who We Are

We are business owners, and family members, experts in our field and committed to being our very best every day. Because of this, we committed to implementing the EOS, Entrepreneurs Operating System (Traction) system in our company.  The results have been fantastic! As a team we are able to communicate our needs clearly, as a company we are on-time and goal-oriented always and as a business owner, we have clear KPIs with which to measure our efficacy.

What does this mean to you?

You get clear communication, timely reporting of our progress, dedicated staff focused on your audit or forgiveness denial appeal and the assurance that you are in the care of a team of experienced professionals well-versed in navigating communication with IRS, EDD and SBA.

Meet the Milikowsky Tax Law Team

John D. Milikowsky Esq. LLM

John D. Milikowsky Esq. LLM


With his extensive background in tax law beginning in 2009, John Milikowsky was a participant in the California State Bar, Tax Section, as well as the Washington, D.C. Delegation. He presented proposals on “Qualified Amended Returns” to the Congressional subcommittee members, Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Treasury Department.

Haley Visaijorn

Haley Visaijorn

Senior Associate Attorney

With multiple years in the legal field, Haley thrives on challenges and strives to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. As a Senior Paralegal and Analyst, Haley brings a comprehensive understanding of tax regulations and a sharp analytical skill set to effectively navigate complex issues. A proud graduate of the University of California, San Diego, Haley approaches every task with dedication and commitment to excellence. Outside of work, you can find Haley indulging in her passion for swimming and seeking new and exciting challenges that pushes her beyond her comfort zone.

Kassie Christensen

Kassie Christensen

Legal Administrative Assistant

Kassie Christensen, Legal Admin at Milikowsky Tax Law, brings a diverse background to the team. Educated at Horizon High School here in San Diego, Kassie cherished the experience of spending Wednesdays at Starbucks with friends. Her ambitions are as adventurous as they are varied, she would like to witness the northern lights, explore Iceland, and visit Salem, Oregon. Outside of work, Kassie’s passions include practicing karate, taking her dog on walks, and trying out new culinary experiences.

Solin Zora

Solin Zora

Senior Client Services Associate

Solin is the Senior Client Services Associate at Milikowsky Tax Law. While attending college at San Diego State University majoring in Biology, she went to work for Union Bank. There, she developed her background experience in finance. There, she helped business owners and consumers seize new opportunities for growth and reach their financial goals. Solin enjoys spending time with her family, working out, running and going to the beach. She enjoys traveling and exploring the world, where she can explore different cultures.

The Best Tax Defense Firm in Southern California

The team at Milikowsky Tax Law represents U.S. and foreign businesses and individuals in sophisticated U.S. tax matters. We relentlessly defend each client in federal and state audits and criminal investigations to protect their civil rights and provide financial security.

John D. Milikowsky, Esq. is recognized in the legal and business community for his experience and knowledge in the area of taxation and financial analysis.

I’d like to set the scene… Come back in time with me, if you will.

It’s 1987 and I’m 10 years old.  I’m sitting in a windowless supply room in the back of my parents’ lighting store on a stool and in front of me is an oil barrel filled with screws.  Machine screws, wood screws, drywall screws, phillips screws and… you get the idea… a lot of screws.  And my task, set out for me by my father is to sort these screws into containers.

So many questions fly through my mind… why am I in the back storeroom when my sister gets to be out on the floor of the store, actually TALKING to people, doing something useful and fun? Who is the Machiavellian monster who has indiscriminately put screws from every facet of construction just WILLY NILLY in an oil barrel?! Why does this oil barrel live in the storeroom of my parents’ lighting store…




In that entire summer, I never made more than an inch’s-worth of progress in sorting those screws.

But sometime in the middle of that summer I realized I had a choice to make… I was at a crossroads.  I could be furious, resentful… victimized by the mundane monotonous task set in front of me… or, I could do it well and fast. I could be the best at screw sorting…

It’s possible that hindsight has put that perspective on my young experience…

But certainly as I navigated my first few years of audits with my Tax Law clients, as they handed me THEIR metaphorical oil-barrels filled with numbers… profit and loss statements for 3, 4 5 years, receipts faded with time and transactions whose recipients had long gone out of business, I came to appreciate that summer of sorting.  That training in detail work, that patience for sifting thought the most minute details.

I discovered that my passion was for the detective work it took to uncover the one piece of information that made all the rest of a company’s business narrative fall into place.  I realized it was like finding a needle in a haystack, a diamond in ice… a golden screw… And that through that kind of attention to detail, I could help people in their moments of crisis, at their crossroads.  Through diligence, expertise and an attention to detail I can help save people’s businesses, their families and often, their sense of humor.

This firm is dedicated to telling the story of each unique business we represent in a way that the IRS can understand.  By doing so, IRS auditors realize the mistake they have made in their assessment of tax liability and appreciate the truth of the matter.

At Milikowsky Tax Law, we keep businesses in business.