Meet The Team

Our team is the bedrock of our firm. We value working together to better serve the needs of our clients and create the kind of work environment that is empowering and supportive.

Who We Are

We are business owners, and family members, experts in our field and committed to being our very best every day. Because of this, we committed to implementing the EOS, Entrepreneurs Operating System (Traction) system in our company.  The results have been fantastic! As a team we are able to communicate our needs clearly, as a company we are on-time and goal-oriented always and as a business owner, we have clear KPIs with which to measure our efficacy.

What does this mean to you?

You get clear communication, timely reporting of our progress, dedicated staff focused on your audit or forgiveness denial appeal and the assurance that you are in the care of a team of experienced professionals well-versed in navigating communication with IRS, EDD and SBA.

Meet the Milikowsky Tax Law Team

John D. Milikowsky Esq. LLM

John D. Milikowsky Esq. LLM


With his extensive background in tax law beginning in 2009, John Milikowsky was a participant in the California State Bar, Tax Section, as well as the Washington, D.C. Delegation. He presented proposals on “Qualified Amended Returns” to the Congressional subcommittee members, Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Treasury Department.

Lauren Suarez Esq. LLM

Lauren Suarez Esq. LLM

Senior Associate Attorney

Lauren Suarez is a San Diego native with a passion for tax. She has worked on the tax controversy side, as well as, on the tax preparation side for both businesses and individuals. Mrs. Suarez has advised clients on various domestic and international tax planning, preparation, and controversy issues related to the IRS, EDD, CDTFA, and FTB. When she isn’t diving deep into the world of taxes, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. You can always find her out and about enjoying the San Diego sun.

Meghan Monte

Meghan Monte

Senior Analyst and Client Coordinator

Meghan is the Senior Analyst and Client Coordinator at Milikowsky Tax Law. After graduating summa cum laude with a degree in finance and small business studies from Rider University, she went on to work in state government where she helped business owners seize new opportunities while remaining compliant with state and local regulations. She advocated for small businesses, particularly in recommending revisions to state codes, and educated business owners on changes. She’s a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Sigma Iota Epsilon. Meghan is also an Usui Reiki Master, nutrition guru, yogi, and avid hiker. Previously, she was a professional ballerina, and can still often be found dancing around – especially in the kitchen!

Solin Zora

Solin Zora

Senior Client Services Associate

Solin is the Senior Client Services Associate at Milikowsky Tax Law. While attending college at San Diego State University majoring in Biology, she went to work for Union Bank. There, she developed her background experience in finance. There, she helped business owners and consumers seize new opportunities for growth and reach their financial goals. Solin enjoys spending time with her family, working out, running and going to the beach. She enjoys traveling and exploring the world, where she can explore different cultures.

The Best Tax Defense Firm in Southern California

The team at Milikowsky Tax Law represents U.S. and foreign businesses and individuals in sophisticated U.S. tax matters. We relentlessly defend each client in federal and state audits and criminal investigations to protect their civil rights and provide financial security.

John D. Milikowsky, Esq. is recognized in the legal and business community for his experience and knowledge in the area of taxation and financial analysis.

John Milikowsky, Founder of Milikowsky Tax Law, often hears the question: “why do you do what you do?”  and “why are you a tax attorney?” To him, the answer is simple, “I really enjoy keeping businesses in business.”  

Listen to John Milikowsky, founder of Milikowsky Tax Law explain why he is passionate about defending businesses in IRS, EDD, SBA, and other government audits. 

Why Tax Law?

John saves businesses as an attorney; whether it’s defending an IRS or a State of California Audit, defending somebody in a criminal case involving a tax issue, or helping a CPA support their client in an IRS or EDD audit. 

“I really enjoy doing this because, at the end of the day, we’re here for one purpose- to help businesses and to keep people’s livelihood intact.”  If/when the government challenges a business, John and his team defend the client and the individual properly, so they can keep their livelihoods. Their diligent work, attention to detail, and passion for the job helps businesses continue doing what they’re passionate about.

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementation 

John consistently searches for ways to streamline operations in his own business. He understands that doing so produces better results for clients. Moreover, it keeps them happy

In 2020, Mr. Milikowsky began Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementation. This system takes apart each task that needs to be done for the clients and for the business and then allocates those tasks to the employee who has both the passion and competance for completing that task.

The office at Milikowsky Tax Law has seen extraordinary results internally after the implementation of EOS. Furthermore, the client cases have seen even better results. The office works more efficiently, and employee satisfaction reflects these positive changes. In short, the clients and employees at Milikowsky Tax Law are happy. 

Read our article to learn more about John Milikowsky, his journey to becoming a tax attorney, and meet the members of his team at Milikowsky Tax Law.

Additionally: As an entrepreneur, John is involved in the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). The organization supports hundreds of people worldwide divided into several different chapters. The forums that create each chapter are divided into various companies that work in entirely different spaces. John’s forum is composed of an entrepreneur who makes HR posters, another who makes fish tanks for larger aquatic centers like SeaWorld, and more. 

Oftentimes in his EO meetings, John hears, “Wow! Tax is just so boring.” But in reality- it’s not. John views tax as a means to get a result. His office assists clients by either getting out of a criminal indictment or uncovering that they, in fact, do not owe the additional taxes. 

As a business owner, being clear in your processes and objectives helps you serve your clients better.  Through implementing EOS (Traction) and participating in peer-to-peer advisory groups like EO, the team at Milikowsky tax law is always getting better. That means happier team members, happier leadership and happier clients. everybody wins.