The M-Power Process

The Milikowsky Tax Law team has developed a proprietary audit metric technology to help us get to the bottom of any tax issues. With our help, you’ll never have to worry about tax season again. Tax audits and controversies are challenging to any business owner. We clarify the steps with our M-Power process, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

The Milikowsky Tax Law M-Power process

  • Step 1


    This process is collaborative. You provide your financials and we interview you to understand your business operations to create the narrative we present to the Government.

  • Step 2


    Our team uses data analytics and old-fashioned business principles to pinpoint critical facts (and eliminate extraneous information). By this point we have identified multiple strategies to navigate around audit risks.

    Step 2

  • Step 3


    The government is always at a disadvantage because it lacks knowledge about how your company operates – your business’ DNA. We create a persuasive narrative, supported by evidence, to prevent IRS from making their own assumptions.

  • Step 4


    Now we execute the strategy.  We deliver information to the government based upon our blueprint that is consistent and supported by documents leaving little room for the government to misinterpret.

    Step 4

  • Step 5


    Based on hard work and collaboration we have reached a resolution with the government that is fair, accurate, and allows a business to move forward and achieve great success.


How to Respond to an IRS Audit

An audit can be a time-consuming process. While you cannot avoid a tax audit, you can minimize your risk of an audit by avoiding potential flags on their tax return. The most frequent IRS audits are caused by inconsistencies or errors in your tax return that raise red flags in the eyes of the IRS.

We are Southern California’s Top Tax Audit Attorneys

At Milikowsky Tax Law, our team of San Diego IRS lawyers can immediately respond to help you protect your personal and business assets and your privacy. For more than a decade, we have counseled individuals and businesses facing an audit, helping them resolve their tax case efficiently and effectively.

We keep your business in business. Our tax attorneys and legal staff are dedicated to exceeding your expectations through precise legal advocacy and professional service. Our skilled San Diego IRS attorneys are ready to zealously protect your rights during an IRS or state tax examination.