We are grateful to all of our current and past clients who have taken the time to share their experiences with us, and with you.  KNowing what others have experienced can help inform your decision.

Charles Curbbun, CEO & Tracy Manning, CSO

Tracy and I were in the UK for my mother’s 90th birthday when we received an email from the SBA stating our PPP loan was denied forgiveness. We had less than a month to respond and appeal.

We were halfway through a great, long-overdue vacation and would not be back for two more weeks. So somehow, we had to put this bad news to the back of our minds, and enjoy Europe /chill in Tuscany.

Back in San Diego with 10 days to the deadline, we scrambled to find professional help. Our CPA was not responding – and hadn’t given us the best information when we originally applied. 

It was a stroke of good fortune to find John as we desperately phoned around locally for support. John actually answered the phone! He listened carefully to our situation and understood the urgency. What a relief.

Not only was he present in this call, but also put a plan into action immediately – we had one week.

 John did all the communication with SBA, having long-term relationships that would respond to him. John defined all the necessary documentation and crunched the numbers.

John continually kept in touch (asked for more info when needed) and kept us informed. In less than two weeks John made it happen!  We received a letter from the SBA granting full forgiveness. 


I finally sold the company where I served as CEO and retired, but an IRS levy on my account left me confused as to what my tax liability was. When I learned that IRS levied my bank account because another person who I gave authority on my bank account had an outstanding tax liability, I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I hired John to figure out a way to get out of paying taxes for the other person. John allowed me to walk away from my case on top. John and his associates worked tirelessly to ensure the best result for my case. John Milikowsky is a great attorney for anyone else who wants the same exceptional effort and winning results from their legal representation.

I didn’t know where to go or what to do when my auto repair business was audited by IRS. They argued that my business has unreported income by comparing my business credit card receipts to other similar businesses. IRS suspected I was hiding cash transactions. The business only had a moderate gross income but the IRS would not listen. I didn’t want to risk losing everything, so I went to Milikowsky Tax Law who took my case and did a great job working with me. John Milikowsky and his team were able to work hard and wrap my case up very quickly and win my audit. John even proved to IRS that IRS in fact owed me money instead of IRS assessing taxes on my business. John is very fair with his fees and is always available to talk to me via text, phone, and email. If I needed to speak directly to someone, they accommodated my busy schedule by arranging to meet with me when it was convenient for me.

I was expected to owe more than $1 million in taxes on my prior real estate transactions, so I went to John and his team. They listened carefully to all of the issues presented and John was able to clearly explain the tax impact and legal issues. Both attorneys, John and Amanda, were knowledgeable about the real estate tax issues and worked very well together. When I came to Milikowsky Tax Law, none of the tax rules made sense to me. John Milikowsky and his team were able to identify real solutions to accurately report the real estate transaction with lower taxes the way it should have been. I would absolutely recommend Milikowsky Tax law to anyone with a tax issue.

I am the owner of a music instructor referral business. Since 2000, we have worked with hundreds of students to find qualified instructors. Our company classifies its workers as 1099 independent contractors. In 2016, EDD audited our company and threatened to convert our workers to employees. EDD’s actions to treat all of my independent contractors as employees would have destroyed my business. My company hired John to analyze the legal and business issues to defend against an EDD audit. Within 30 days, we were able to close the audit with “no change.” Had we not succeeded, the pending sale of my company would have been cancelled by the buyer and I would not have been able to retire. The case went very well and John was extremely focused and he did a great job. John diligently worked with the auditor and did a fabulous job to resolve our case. His approach was really detailed and different from how we originally considered handling the case. I will always recommend Milikowsky Tax Law to others.

When my company dissolved, I received an unexpected 1099 for distributions I received on the business. Years later, IRS sent me an audit letter to increase my taxes for the amount of the unreported 1099. I wanted to protect my assets and went to Milikowsky Tax Law to make sure I understood my rights as a taxpayer. John Milikowsky and his team did extensive work on my case and were able to clearly identify the laws to protect me. I ended up winning my case against IRS due to Milikowsky Tax Law diligent work in pointing out technicalities within IRS rules for something that happened 10 years earlier. Their expertise is the reason I was able to walk away successful and not owe any additional taxes.

Here’s Why You Need A Tax Attorney Even If You Have A CPA:

Our business got audited on a very complicated tax deduction issue. Our CPA tried to represent us with the IRS, but our situation was not looking hopeful.

I had known John Milikowsky, Milikowsky Tax Law, for several years, but never needed a tax attorney until now. My husband argued with me to let our CPA just continue to work with the IRS, but I put my foot down and wanted to resolve this matter with someone who was an expert and who knew the law. My husband was worried that hiring Milikowsky Tax Law would just cost us more money, and I was so determined to get the right help on our side and to resolve our tax issue — that I paid the legal bills out of my own money!

When I met with John he thoroughly researched the law and presented the legal arguments that we needed to convince the IRS to permit our business deductions.

John guided us on what documents should be submitted to the IRS to substantiate our deductions.

Today we received a letter from the IRS allowing the deductions! Milikowsky Tax Law saved us a lot of back taxes, interest, and penalties!

Even if you have a CPA, you cannot fight the IRS without a knowledgeable and aggressive tax lawyer who truly understands the legal aspects of every tax issue. And, an attorney that will work along with of your CPA, who has a strong business and finance background to bring you the Sweet Success that we had today!

I highly recommend Milikowsky Tax Law.

John Milikowsky’s tax law expertise certainly took the IRS’ financial burden I was facing – ‘off my back.’ I didn’t have this worry bogging me down, as I was trying to run my businesses. John solved my problem. I’m happy with his results, and would definitely refer other people facing IRS burdens to him.

I am happy with the services I am receiving from John Milikowsky. John is still working on my tax issues, and I find him to be a man who is a very concerned and caring professional. He pays close attention to what the issues are, and I have complete confidence that he will help resolve my tax matters. I would have no problem in referring Milikowsky Tax Law to my friends.

I was referred to John Milikowsky by an attorney I knew, who happened to meet John at an event and thought that I might benefit from his expertise. Upon hiring John, I found him to be a very caring attorney, who works hard at helping his clients. John’s knowledge about tax law is his strength. And, if I asked a question that he wasn’t sure about, he wasn’t afraid to say that he’d look up the answer. This showed me that he has a strong work ethic.

John is very good tax lawyer. He was helpful, knowledgeable, industrious, and a key benefit to the solution of my important tax issue. He was the critical link in solving my tax issues!

I had a California tax issue, and needed a good tax lawyer to help me. The Dean of a well-respected law school told me about John Milikowsky, a straight A student, and is a really good tax lawyer.

I hired John and found him to be a “hard-charger.” He had a lot of credibility, doesn’t put on airs, doesn’t waste time, and only calls with important details about my case. He doesn’t run up unnecessary billing time. He’s a real “no-bull-shit” guy.

I’d definitely refer and seek tax law assistance from John Milikowsky again.

John is currently working on my case. I was referred by a friend to Milikowsky Tax Law, and was impressed that John is involved in tax law at a high-level and is very knowledgeable. I would be happy to refer my friends to this Firm.

I needed a tax lawyer, and researched his website. The website looked good, and I contacted John to help me with my tax matter. So far, so good!

After being referred to John Milikowsky by a friend, I was surprised because he’s not the ‘typical lawyer’ type. John was very comforting and sympathetic to my tax situation. He builds a tremendous relationship with his clients. I found John to be quite a unique attorney because of his expertise not only in tax law, but also in business and accounting issues. He was able to help me with both my business and legal issues. I never lacked confidence that John could resolve my situation. I recommend that if you need tax help that you at least go in for an initial consultation — it’s free, and you’ll see what kind of person he is. I would definitely call John, if I need tax representation in the future.

ohn went above and beyond our expectations in helping us solve our EDD audit problems with dignity. The audit was a lot of hard work, but he made it a good learning experience for me and our organization. Our main challenge was that we wanted the rights of our organization to be protected. It was an unusual and difficult case, and John provided the structure and the knowledge to keep our integrity intact. The strength of the Milikowsky Law Firm is not only his keen knowledge of tax issues, but more importantly because of the unusual and complexity of our case, he researched and put us in the proper place, at the proper time, with the proper people. It was like hitting a ‘home run!’ After our case was resolved, John did a presentation to our Board of Directors to ensure that our organization was in fact strengthened, by giving back to the organization what he received.

My attorney referred me to Milikowsky Tax Law for assistance with an offer in compromise for my tax debt. I found John understanding and sympathetic to my tax situation. In addition, he was professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in communicating and negotiating an I.R.S. settlement for me. As a business owner, I highly recommend Milikowsky Tax Law.

John was able to resolve our case within a month, despite the fact our CPA had been attempting to resolve the case for nearly a year…John is an extremely skilled facilitator and communicator, and that was really the key to helping resolve our case…Thanks to him, we have peace of mind, and know where we are at financially.

I thank my lucky stars that I met John. He was a great guy to work with. He always returned e-mails and phone calls. I was particularly amazed that he’d sometimes even send me e-mails at two or three o’clock in the morning.

John did more for me in the first thirty days than my other attorney had done in six months. The attorney I had here said ‘We’ll get you on an installment plan for what you owe.’ It was upward of $800,000. John negotiated it down. Moreover, he was easy to talk to, attentive, and always got back to me, even when he was out of town. Being audited is very scary, and having access to your attorney is the most important thing…he really went the extra mile to make sure I got value for my dollar…The case is almost wrapped up…Even with legal fees, I’ve saved well over half a million dollars.