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Join the team at Milikowsky Tax Law in San Diego, CA

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Fox News Now – John Milikowsky explains the procedures around the Weisselberg /Trump indictment

Welcome to Milikowsky Tax Law

5 tips for CPAs to reduce the risk of IRS, EDD or SBA Audit.

How to minimize the risk of an EDD audit?

What triggers an IRS audit?

How far back can IRS audit?

Can an EDD audit result in criminal investigation?

How long does an EDD audit last? (3- 9 months)

What Triggers an EDD Audit

How to minimize the risk of an EDD audit (Contractors/ Construction take note!)

What Triggers an EDD Audit?

What Triggers an IRS Audit?

How Long Does an EDD Audit Last?

How far can IRS go back and audit income taxes

Can an EDD audit result in a criminal investigation?

Tax Law Updates 2021

DOL Final Ruling on 1099 Contractor Classification (goes into effect May 7, 2021)

SBA PPP audits have begun!

SBA PPP Audits Have Begun

EDD Resumes Audits

EDD Resumes Audits BREAKING September 2, 2020

EO Lunch & Learn: Minimize the Risk of an IRS or California Tax Audit Before Filing Your Tax Return

IRS Letter response 2

How to Respond to an IRS Audit Letter in 2020

How to respond to an IRS Audit Letter

Back Taxes: How to resolve an IRS tax balance:

John Milikowsky: Milikowsky Tax Law Criminal exposure and the SBA PPP

Milikowsky Tax Law – Your Relentless advocate in the face of SBA PPP and EIDL audits

What if you owe back taxes and your company got PPP funds?

IRS seeking Out Fraud from SBA PPP

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Business Owners: Red Flags to Beware of with the SBA PPP

Milikowsky SBA PPP Assistance: Personalized Guided Loan Application

Milikowsky SBA PPP Assistance Video

Milikowsky SBA PPP Assistance: Personalized Guided Loan Application 1

Milikowsky Filing Taxes After Receiving A Forgivable PPP Loan

Commentary on NY Times Article, California Sues Uber and Lyft, Claiming Workers Are Misclassified

Mnuchin: Audits Certain for SBA PPP Loans

SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness and 1099s

CA EDD and Workshare – How to Stay safe from EDD Audit

The SBA PPP Loan and the EIDL are hardship based loans. Be prepared to document hardship.

What is a forgivable loan?

Audits and Coronavirus

Tax Law LLM: Introduction (11/06/20)

A Typical Unemployment Benefits Hearing.mov

CLEAR1099 explainer video

CLEAR1099 explainer video 2020

Milikowsky Tax Law – Your Relentless Advocate in the Face of IRS or EDD Audit

Dynamex Case and EDD Classification

Large Cash Payment Reporting Requirements

CPAs What to do if your client is under criminal investigation

Welcome to Milikowsky Tax Law

Where does an IRS audit take place? In my place of business?

California EDD: 1099 Contractors vs Employees How to tell the difference

What to do if you think you are the target of an IRS investigation

Milikowsky Tax Law Defends Businesses in IRS Audits

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