About Internal Revenue Code Section 6672

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Any attempt to evade paying taxes owed to the government is taking very seriously by the IRS. They will often bring down swift penalties on those found guilty of doing so. If you are being investigated for alleged back taxes or fraud of any kind, you need a zealous legal advocate on your side who understands both the California tax code and the law as it applies to tax collection.

Our San Diego business tax attorneys at Milikowsky Tax Law can defend you from accusations of tax fraud or tax evasion and craft a legal strategy that ensures a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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What You Need to Know About Code Section 6672

As with every area of law, tax law can be extremely complicated, especially as the IRS is involved. It is important for you to understand the major parts of this tax code section to ensure that you are aware of how to protect your rights and respond when under a potential investigation. As always, our firm is here to provide counsel and representation when you need it most.

Here are the pertinent parts to the Internal Revenue Code Section 6672:

  • If you fail to pay the required taxes, on top of other penalties, you will be forced to pay back taxes.
  • You must be notified in writing by mail before any such penalty can be assessed.
  • You will have 30 days from receiving the notice to repay any taxes.
  • If multiple parties are liable for the penalty, each person that paid the penalty can recover from the other liable parties the excess amount paid beyond their proportionate share of the penalty.
  • No volunteer member of a board of trustees or director of an organization can be penalized if they only served in an honorary capacity.

Keep in mind that if the Secretary believes that your ability to pay will be in jeopardy, they can immediately collect the penalty, meaning that many protections you are provided will be void.

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The talented San Diego tax attorneys from Milikowsky Tax Law are ready to litigate aggressively on your behalf in the face of IRS tax problems. You are up against harsh penalties, which is why acting as quickly as possible is vital during this time. We proudly serve California and all of the U.S. at this time, so do not hesitate to reach out to our firm!

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