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Back Taxes – Tax Balance

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At Milikowsky Tax Law we are experts in providing legal counsel for dealing with unpaid taxes.

Back taxes are a nightmare for anyone that owes the IRS money without the means of paying it. If you are already in debt, the IRS banging on your door doesn’t help your situation—it just makes it more stressful. If the IRS is telling you to pay your back taxes in a payment plan you can’t afford, contact our San Diego back tax lawyer today. Our legal team at Milikowsky Tax Law is well-versed in tax law procedures and options; we are ready to assist you through this difficult time.

Your options for handling back taxes:

Many people don’t know the options that are available to them when dealing with the IRS. If you owe a lot on back taxes, you don’t have to panic. Our committed tax law firm can answer your questions, explain your options, and guide you towards the best game plan for you.

Some solutions our San Diego back tax attorneys can provide include:

  • Payment Plan – Agreeing on a monthly payment amount that is feasible and not strenuous can make all the difference. Our tax lawyer can help facilitate an agreed amount that works for both you and the IRS.
  • Offer in Compromise – An offer in compromise allows you to settle your debt with the IRS for much less than what you owe.
  • Declaring Non-Collectible – When you declare non-collectible, the IRS immediately stops trying to collect from you for approximately one to two years.
  • Abatement of Penalties – Through this method, you can seriously reduce the amount you owe the IRS, by reducing the costs of the penalties and interest against you.

If the IRS starts to call you about paying your back taxes, it is imperative to retain a tax lawyer as soon as you are able. The IRS uses the information you provide them to decide when and where to place liens, levy, and seize your property and assets. By letting our seasoned San Diego back tax lawyer handle your situation, you don’t have to fear accidentally stumbling into an even more complicated situation with the IRS.

Don’t hesitate to call Milikowsky Tax Law for help. Our legal team is ready to come up with the appropriate plan to best benefit you!