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When your business is contacted by IRS, EDD, or any government tax-collecting entity, we are your relentless advocate.

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We represent businesses in IRS, EDD and government audits.  Our firm has over 10 years of experience defending businesses in tax controversies. We will navigate the complexities of your audit and update you so you understand the process every step of the way.

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Why the Milikowsky Tax Law Team are Southern California’s Top Tax Attorneys

Meet Our Experienced Tax Attorneys

At Milikowsky Tax Law, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly experienced tax attorneys who are also former business owners and managers. This unique combination gives us incredible insight and experience to understand your business from the inside out and provide relentless, effective representation in all tax matters.

SoCal, Los Angeles, OC and San Diego Tax Attorney

If your company is under IRS or State of California examination for income tax, payroll tax, or sales tax issues, our Los Angeles tax attorneys are here to help. We offer professional consultations to scrutinize the details of your case and strategize effective solutions. Our San Diego tax lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of cases, providing expert guidance and representation. We help businesses navigate IRS or EDD audits, defend against criminal tax investigations, minimize audit risks, and reduce tax balances.

Business Tax Audit Representation

Facing a business tax audit can be daunting. Our tax audit representation team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. We ensure that your business remains operational and secure, even during an audit.

SoCal, Orange County and Surrounding Areas, IRS & EDD Audits

Southern California businesses can rely on our expertise in handling IRS audits. With over a decade of experience, we act as relentless advocates, helping you manage and resolve IRS audit challenges efficiently and effectively. EDD audits in Orange County can lead to severe consequences, including criminal tax suits. Our experienced attorneys provide robust defense strategies to protect your business from EDD payroll tax audits, ensuring you continue to do what you do best.

Comprehensive Tax Services

IRS Audits

With our proprietary audit metric technology, we delve deep into your tax issues, ensuring thorough and precise handling of IRS audits. Our goal is to minimize your audit risk and resolve any issues promptly.

EDD Audits

Our team specializes in EDD audits, offering critical defense to avoid severe penalties. We help businesses navigate the complex audit process, ensuring compliance and reducing the impact on your operations.

SBA PPP Forgiveness Denial Appeals

If your PPP forgiveness was denied by the SBA, act quickly. Our attorneys have a proven track record in appealing SBA PPP forgiveness denials, ensuring you receive the financial relief your business needs.

California’s Top IRS Audit Attorney

John Milikowsky, our leading tax litigation attorney, has decades of experience representing businesses in state and federal tax matters. His relentless defense in IRS and EDD audits, criminal tax investigations, and comprehensive tax advisory services makes him one of California’s top IRS audit attorneys. When you work with Milikowsky Tax Law, you receive more than just a tax attorney. Our team includes seasoned business advisors who help you identify and mitigate potential audit risks. We teach you how to prepare for and handle tax audits, ensuring you remain compliant and audit-ready.

Your Relentless Advocate in IRS, EDD an all Government Tax Audits

Business owners facing IRS audits in San Diego can rely on our experienced attorneys to guide them through the process. We ensure meticulous preparation and representation, reducing the burden of audits and protecting your business interests.

Milikowsky Tax Law stands out as Southern California’s top tax attorneys due to our unique blend of business and legal expertise, relentless advocacy, and comprehensive tax services. Whether you’re dealing with IRS or EDD audits, seeking PPP forgiveness appeals, or need expert tax advisory services, our team is here to support you every step of the way.