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Innocent Spouse Relief

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The discovery that a spouse has lied about your shared finances can be devastating. On top of that betrayal, being sent a notice from IRS placing tax burdens on the innocent party can throw even the most financially prepared individual into a state of deep concern.

If IRS should find mistakes or fraud on joint tax returns filed by you and your spouse, legally, both parties are liable for the errors. Situations where one spouse was not aware of their partner’s decisions or behaviors can lead to serious negative financial impact for the innocent spouse. While being involved in all financial statements submitted with your name on them is the best protection, IRS also offer “Innocent Spouse Relief” in cases where your spouse has acted without your knowledge.

Requesting Innocent Spouse Relief

Asking the IRS for relief from a joint tax filing is a complicated process, which begins with filling out an innocent spouse relief form.

You and your tax attorney will need to prove that your spouse acted without your knowledge. This could apply to issues like:

  • Failure to declare income
  • Underreporting income
  • Claiming fraudulent deductions

Once we are able to successfully prove that a tax law error took place without your knowledge, there are three types of relief available, including:

  • Relief from paying interest, tax, and penalties
  • Relief by separation of liability (when taxes and penalties are split between the spouses)
  • Equitable relief in an underpayment or understatement of tax

Get Support for Tax Issues as an Innocent Spouse

While the situation surrounding filing for Innocent Spouse relief can be overwhelming, the team of professionals at Milikowsky Tax Law have years of experience in both tax law and business planning. We can help you to build a compelling case for your right to innocent spouse relief, using our proprietary audit metric technology and our in-depth knowledge of tax law and IRS negotiation.

Our experienced tax lawyers thoroughly research your specific situation and will help you to develop a clear and irrefutable argument for tax relief.

Following your filing for Innocent Spouse Relief, you can rely on the Tax Lawyers at Milikowsky Tax Law to be there to review future filings to ensure that deceptions that lead to the need to file for Innocent Spouse Relief do not recur.

Contact Milikowsky Tax Law today to find out how we can help you submit an innocent spouse relief form and extricate yourself from undeserved tax burdens.