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IRS & EDD Audits

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At Milikowsky Tax Law, our team of San Diego IRS lawyers can immediately respond to help you protect your personal and business assets and your privacy. For more than a decade, we have counseled individuals and businesses facing an audit, helping them resolve their tax case efficiently and effectively.

We keep your business in business. Our tax attorneys and legal staff are dedicated to exceeding your expectations through precise legal advocacy and professional service. Our skilled San Diego IRS attorneys are ready to zealously protect your rights during an IRS or state tax examination.

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If you recently received a letter from IRS, there are few important steps you need to take to protect yourself. While IRS will occasionally audit businesses randomly, they usually audit an individual or business because your tax return contains an error or a transaction that is inconsistent with other businesses in your industry. Our San Diego IRS attorney explains what steps you should take to ensure you are protected.

Once you receive a notice that IRS intends to audit you, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Find Out What Part of Your Tax Return Is Being Audited.
    Many times, IRS will only question certain sections of your tax return, such as how you calculated and reported your gross income. This is especially true of self-employed individuals or business owners who are majority owners.
  • Gather Your Documents To Prove Items on Your Tax Return.
    Once you know the reason that triggered your audit, you need to be able provide documents to verify your income, expenses, or other transactions reported on your tax return. There are alternative methods to establish your position if you lack direct proof; however, it is important to reach out to your vendors, banks, and other individuals and businesses who have records that are useful in your audit. Banks generally retain your records (i.e. bank statements, cancelled checks, etc) for 7 years. Businesses that you have done business with generally keep transaction records for 3 years.
  • Don’t Ignore the IRS
    While you may be tempted to ignore the IRS’ attempt to reach out to you, not responding by the specified deadline will make matters worse. If you do not respond to an audit notice, the IRS will eventually close the audit and assess you taxes based on assumptions the Revenue Agent made. IRS can also contact third parties (i.e. your neighbors, business partners, vendors) who have information useful in your audit.
  • Call an Experienced San Diego IRS Lawyer
    Having an expert by your side to prepare your legal defense, review your documents for potential issues, and handle all discussions with IRS will take a burden off your shoulders and can improve your chances of a successful audit resolution. Remember, anything you say or communicate to IRS can and will be used against you.

If you face a state or IRS tax audit alone, you are placing your business and assets at risk. More than 1.8 Million businesses were audited in 2014. With the right financial and legal experts at your side, however, you can successfully navigate this complex process. Once you have received notice of an audit, contact our San Diego IRS attorneys! We can investigate your audit and determine your legal and business options.


At Milikowsky Tax Law, our San Diego IRS attorney has extensive experience in tax law. With many successful cases for countless businesses and individuals, we come highly recommended by other attorneys and former clients.

As a full-service tax law firm, our San Diego IRS lawyers can:

  • Analyze your tax return pre-audit to identify potential errors
  • Represent you and your business before the IRS or California state tax agency
  • Strategize about your impending audit, IRS appeal, or U.S. Tax Court case
  • Assess the best way to respond to an IRS Information Document Request (IDR)
  • Advise you whether or not to agree to allow the IRS to extend the statute of limitations
  • Develop legal theories in your case that may include a “reasonable cause” defense
  • Prevent the audit meeting from being held at your place of business

Whether you need a San Diego IRS attorney to help with a business transaction or you are looking for an audit lawyer to resolve your audit, you can discover the proven advocacy. You deserve exceptional legal representation at Milikowsky Tax Law.


Whether you need a San Diego IRS attorney to help with a business transaction or you are looking for an audit lawyer to resolve your audit, you can discover the proven advocacy. You deserve exceptional legal representation at Milikowsky Tax Law.

With our experienced legal team, you and your business will benefit from an extensive array of resources and from legal counsel that’s backed by over a decade of experience. Our San Diego IRS lawyers can provide the skilled, passionate representation you need to face your tax audit with confidence. Don’t hesitate to see what we can do for you. Contact Milikowsky Tax Law for responsive and excellent service.

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