Learn How to Identify Red Flags on Your Business Tax Return Before You File

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Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but when it comes to your tax return, a single error could lead to countless problems with the IRS. While getting chosen for an audit doesn’t always mean that you’ll end up owing more taxes. However, it can result in changes that will affect how you report a transaction on future tax returns or possibly result in a criminal investigation.

Close to 1 million tax returns are audited every year in the United States. So, how do you reduce your chances of being picked?

Founder of Milikowsky Tax Law, John Milikowsky, will be speaking at the Tax Empowerment Seminar on February 8, 2019, to answer all of your questions about identifying and avoiding red flags on your tax return.

Protect Your Business from the Threat of an Audit

Tax audits aren’t just risky for the people who exaggerate their deductions or sweep certain income under the rug. The IRS primarily audits a tax return to ensure compliance with the tax laws and to uncover mistakes and inaccuracies on tax returns. The choice to audit your business often comes down to the number of red flags identified on your tax return.

This means that you’ll be under scrutiny for potential additional interests, civil penalties, civil fraud penalties, or possible criminal action. Civil penalties are assessed on the discrepancies in the amount of tax reported on your tax return that can lead to substantial additional costs, including as much as 40% of any underpayment in tax. Serious discrepancies that show a pattern of errors may give the government justification to pursue a criminal conviction for tax evasion or fraud.

Learn how to protect your business from these risks at this year’s Tax Empowerment Seminar, from the leader of one of the country’s most well-renowned audit management attorneys. John Milikowsky will talk you through the steps to help you identify potential errors on your tax return and minimize the risk of an IRS audit before you file your tax return with the IRS.

Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Audit from an Experienced Tax Attorney

As the founder of Milikowsky Tax Law and a long-term business owner just like you, John Milikowsky knows how to protect companies from the potentially destructive results of an IRS audit. In fact, he was selected as one of the top 5 best tax lawyers in San Diego by the Union-Tribune Readers Poll in 2015. In 2009, John Milikowsky presented a proposal to Congressional committee staff members, IRS, and U.S. Treasury to assist taxpayers in reducing penalties when a tax return contained an inadvertent error.

He leads an experienced and impressive team of tax professionals to guide each client through the complexities of legal tax matters, one step at a time. With over a decade of experience in tax law and navigating audits, and many years of business experience, Mr. Milikowsky knows firsthand how to identify the most common red flags that can put your business at risk of being audited — and he can teach you how to look out for errors on your own tax return.

In this year’s Tax Empowerment Seminar, Milikowsky will be sharing his secrets, insights, and exceptional advice with you.

Details of the Event

On Friday, February 8, John Milikowsky will take the stage at the Corporate Alliance for an engaging 2-hour experience to teach you all about identifying potential problems on your tax return. Doors for the main event will open at 7:30 am so you can join your peers for breakfast. The official workshop and seminar will begin at 8 am.

In creating our proprietary audit metric technology, Mr. Milikowsky has learned a lot about analyzing the more delicate details of tax returns. With years of experience in handling hundreds of tax audits and representing many businesses who are audited by IRS and the various California tax agencies, Mr. Milikowsky will be on hand to talk with you about your concerns with tax issues.

Bring along your bank statements, profit and loss reports, tax returns (all for the same tax year), and use our innovative MTL ClearTax Transparency workbook to see the results for yourself. By the time you leave the seminar, you’ll have more knowledge about how to read a tax return and understand how the IRS audits a tax return.

Mr. Milikowsky will be inviting an IRS Criminal Special Agent to the stage to discuss the key 2019 objectives the IRS will be focusing on this year and the red flags that will be most important in 2019.

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