Navigating an EDD Audit: What to Expect

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If you have been contacted by California EDD, you don’t have to go through the CA EDD Audit process alone.

Dealing with EDD can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive (if you owe penalties and back taxes). By working with a skilled EDD audit attorney, you can ensure you are properly represented as you take on this powerful government agency. You will need to determine what type of EDD Audit is being performed. The EDD conducts two different types of audits and knowing how your audit is classified will determine how you prepare. Knowing this will determine the path you need to take. 

1. Verification EDD Audit

These audits are randomly initiated and are not based on your own wrongdoing. Therefore, if you are selected, it does not mean you are in immediate danger. 

2. Request EDD Audit

If you are sent this audit, it is much more serious as this means the EDD has detected something with your business. Typically found by EDD investigators or outsiders-employees or former employees. 

Here are some resources to help you understand what to expect and how to handle your situation.

San Diego EDD Audit Attorney

Proper legal guidance can keep you out of trouble and save you thousands in liabilities. It is in your best interest to retain a dedicated tax law firm with experience handling complicated payroll tax matters.

As experienced San Diego EDD audit attorneys, the team at Milikowsky Tax Law has successfully represented numerous clients in disputes with the Employment Development Department. 

Our firm can handle the following kinds of disputes with EDD:

  • Failure to deposit or file your payroll taxes
  • Liens placed against your business or personal properties
  • Threats to shut down your business
  • Matters that require action or appeal in court
  • Employee and contractor disputes

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If you are struggling to resolve California EDD problems while trying to keep your small business running, look no further than our team. At Milikowsky Tax Law, we are committed to protecting our clients’ best interests and providing expert legal counsel. We understand that dealing with any government agency, particularly the EDD, can be daunting. Working with one of our San Diego EDD audit attorneys will provide you the defense you need to protect your business.