Small Businesses

We are business owners just like you, we know the ins and outs of how businesses are run and it is our highest priority to support you in your IRS, EDD, or other government tax audit. With the support of experienced professionals with 10+ years of IRS and EDD audits behind us, your audit process will be as streamlined and pain-free as possible.

Our team includes attorneys and staff who are former business owners and key executives. More than 80% of our clients are referred by other attorneys and CPAs, which speaks to our extraordinary results and great working relationships.

Small Business IRS Audits

If you’re being audited by IRS, one of the first things they’ll do is send you an Initial Document Request (IDR). This request will list all of the documents and information that the revenue agent needs in order to complete the audit.

If you don’t provide this information, IRS can summon the information. For instance, if you don’t provide your bank statements, IRS can go directly to your bank to obtain them. If this occurs, within 30 days, IRS can obtain your bank statements, canceled checks, and deposited items.

Small Business EDD Audits

Employment Development Department (EDD) performs many services, but their primary role that impacts small businesses is collecting and auditing payroll taxes. Employers pay payroll taxes for W-2 employees, but not for 1099 independent contractors.

EDD can audit your business 12 quarters back from the quarter in which the audit is started, however, audits can go back up to eight years in some cases.

Small Business SBA Forgiveness Denial

If you received a letter from the SBA denying your forgiveness request for your PPP loan within the last 30 days, the clock is ticking.  You have 30 days to respond and file your appeal.  The timeline for SBA forgiveness appeals is inflexible. Once your initial 30-day period expires you will lose your right to appeal SBA’s denial to forgive your PPP loan.

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